• 2018-06-10 Julia Wadsworth

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  • 2018-05-18 GREEN SINGOYI

    Kindly and urgently advise price and availability for the 11kv flexible bursbars with the following specifications. QTY = 60. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR 11KV BUS BARS Item Description Unit Value Copper flat bars, complete with sleevings Basic Data 1. Nominal system voltage phase to phase kV 11 2. Highest system voltage Phase - Phase kV 12 3. System Frequency Hz 50 4. Rated continuous Current at 40o ambient temperature A 2000 5. Rated short time withstand current (3s) kA 31.5 Rated Insulation level 6. Lightning impulse dry withstand voltage kV 95 7. One minute power-frequency wet withstand voltage kV 28 Dimensions 8. Main Bus bars (L x W x H) x 36 mm 1200 x 75 x10 9 Earthing bars from cable to earth switch (L x W x H) x 24 mm 800 x 50 x 5

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